Prices Online lessons

Base Price/hour 10 hour Package* 20 hour Package* 40 hour Package*
16 USD 150 USD 225 USD 400 USD
14 EUR 130 EUR 200 EUR 360 EUR
11 GBP 100 GBP 160 GBP 285 GBP

*Lesson packages are non refundable but can be transferred to a friend or family member. If an emergency occurs, lesson packages can be refunded, however there will be a 25% Administrative fee taken from the remaining balance.

Alternatively, if you tell us your budget and what level (approved by the European Union) you would like to achieve in a given language, we will test your current level and create a course to make it happen! A low budget or an ambitious goal may simply mean more time spent on guided self-study and assignments.

Please Note: All online classes for DELE preparation are priced at the same rates indicated above.

All lessons can be paid for by:

  • Money transfer to a Dutch bank account (if in Euros or if from a Eurozone bank)
  • Money transfer to a UK bank account
  • Money transfer to a US bank account
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