Carlos Arispe

Hi, nice to meet you.  My name is Carlos and I teach Spanish here in La Paz, Bolivia.  I graduated from the faculty of Linguistics and Languages of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés.

I speak English and Spanish.  I have been teaching Spanish for 6 years.  I love working with people from various countries who want to learn about the Spanish language and world. I like communication-based classes however without neglecting the theory that is part of the language.  I like using new technologies in class so that the classes are interesting.

Greetings from Bolivia

Alejandra Villarroel

My name is Alejandra Villarroel Montoya. I studied Anthropology at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia. I speak French, English and Spanish

I have been teaching Spanish since 2009. I like using participative methods where the active participation of the student in learning is vital, both in its socio-linguistical as well as its cultural context.

Alejandra Campos

Hi, my name is Alejandra Campos.  I am from La Paz, Bolivia. 

I studied linguistics in the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and I did a post graduate in education.I speak Portuguese, English and French and I have been teaching Spanish for five years.

I like traveling and learning about various cultures.  Some years ago I lived in Germany and I was able to learn a lot about their customs and culture.

Adriana Murillo

My name is Adriana L. Murillo Argandoña, I did my studies at the University Mayor of San Andrés in La Paz in Social Communication, and also I did courses in the United States on Multiculturalism and Human Rights. I can speak English fluently. I have been teaching Spanish for four years and I am examiner for the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language). The method applied is the Practical Communicative allowing students to use Spanish in real situations and practices, at the same time the sociolinguistic and sociocultural part is very important for learning a language.