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Our online-courses are completely personalized with flexible hours and qualified native speakers as teachers. You can take the course wherever you like and whenever you like connecting with the device of your choice.

We have one-on-one classes and group classes with flexible timetables and native speakers as teachers. We use the communicative method and we adapt to the needs of our students.


Motivated or unmotivated students?

By: Wendy Flores | Jan 16, 2017

In every language class, you can find students ready to study with enthusiasm always finding a...

Challenges for a first time English teacher

By: Gemma Canham | Jan 10, 2017

When I was approached 4 months ago about the prospect of teaching English, I was extremely...

Learning a language abroad: the harsh reality

By: Louise Lacourarie | Jan 04, 2017

Learning a language in its native country is an incredible opportunity for language students....

Conversation nights

Every Thursday, completely free. Join our English Conversation Club!

Conversation Night- Board Games Night

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 19:30

This week we will be talking about Board Games!

We might even play some! ...

Speaking with the world

Frases con ESTAR

By: Milka Peñaranda | Jan 16, 2017

Familia de palabras: ENAMORAR/ENAMORADO

By: Milka Peñaranda | Jan 15, 2017

Verbos específicos: SAZONAR

By: Milka Peñaranda | Jan 07, 2017